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Sachse's Fallfestiest Decoration Contest

Sachse fallfestiest.png

Fee to Enter Contest

Business entry is $10
Resident entry is $5

Macarie  Kohler

Sachse's Fallfestiest Chair


Got Questions? 

Please email

Deadline to enter is October 20th.

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Checkout Who Has Their Creative Spirit on? 

  • 4912 Maple Shade Ave.

  • 3915 Heritage Park Dr.

  • 3514 Meadow Bluff Ln.

  • 7119 Country Club Dr.

  • 6521 Briar Lake Trl.

  • 6702 Foxglove Trl.

  • 3657 Frost St.

  • 2814 Baker St.

  • 2809 Granite Ave.

  • 3928 Heritage Park Dr.

Announcing our 2020 Fallfestiest Winners

Welcome to the first Sachse Fallfestiest decorating contest! We want you to paint the town with fall colors or get your Halloween on! Enter the daytime or night category as a resident or business.  Winners will be announced online, with a yard sign that they keep and in the Sachse News.  

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